Both of my girls were struggling through that prepubescent period when girls tend to get chubby as their bodies start to change. How to eat becomes yet another thing that’s confusing. Rachel worked with both of my daughters, not only on food choices, but on self-esteem issues. I’m happy to say that they are continuing those habits today. As my older daughter says, “Rachel says, ‘It’s not what you eat, it’s how much of it you eat.’”

Part of the work was mine as well, as I had to put down my own negative associations from childhood around weight and food. Rachel was very empathetic, but firm, about how I as a mom might have been contributing to my daughters’ struggles. It was important work for our whole family, and I’m really proud of where we are now. Weight will always be something that we struggle with, but we’ve reframed it as healthy choices to keep our bodies strong and fit.

--Satisfied Mommy

Rachel was incredibly helpful with meal prepping and made me realize that it is not impossible to be a working mom and have nutritious meals for myself and my kids. She is also creative, sweet, and down-to-earth and helps sets goals that are realistic and feasible. I would definitely recommend her services, especially to working moms who sometimes just need someone by their side to cheer them on! Thank you Rachel!


Rachel's positivity and tremendous support has encouraged us to commit to a healthy eating lifestyle. She guided us with meal planning advice and recipe suggestions that are nutritious, delicious, and fit for the whole family.  We are truly grateful!


I really like Rachel's approach to nutrition and how subtle changes can make a big impact.  I started working with her when my doctor commented on my elevated glucose levels.  Since working together, I have been successful at keeping my numbers in an appropriate range.  I am a very satisfied client.