REfreshing your personal or family’s nutrition, meal repertoire, snack selection and general relationship with food is my goal. All services can be scheduled as an individual or family session.

Please reach out if you have any questions or you would like to schedule a session.

Initial Assessment

This is an opportunity for me to meet with you and/or your family and learn about your food preferences, schedules, needs, likes and dislikes. I will also use this as an opportunity to explore your kitchen alongside you and better understand your family's food culture. (1 hour)

Meal/Snack Planning&Prep

We will devote sessions to planning realistic snack and meal ideas for the whole family, with considerations for scheduling and food preferences.   My goal is to give you some new snack and meal ideas and help you get a freezer reserve going, so that you have at least two days’ worth of meals/snacks supply. (Planning session 1 hour,  Prepping session 2 hours).

Nutrition Counseling

For individuals, I meet you in your home to better understand your food environment.  We will work on meal planning, meal/snack ideas, and strategies surrounding improving your nutrition, wellness and body image.  I tailor sessions to meet each client’s needs.  (1 hour)

Grocery Store Trip

 I offer this service to either the primary grocery shopper/s or the entire family.  The goal is to learn how to navigate the store towards nutritious food staples and easy meal ideas with the option of including your kids in on the fun.   (1 hour).

Virtual Sessions

Distance should not get in the way of improving your nutrition!  I offer virtual sessions via Skype and FaceTime.        (1 hour)